Dreams do come True.

Today my Facebook feed reminded me that 5 years ago I was in London. This was the realisation of a hope I had held since the 1960s; that one day I would get on that plane at the international airport and just go… somewhere, but London seemed like a good place to start. It had been an inspiration through the years of study, years of single parenting and years of praying, “Lord, please just help me keep this family fed.”

For many decades it seemed it would be only a dream and I had reconciled myself to that reality. I used to think, I would love to go to London, I would love to see Europe too and soak up the history, art, magnificent buildings, languages and culture, but if I died before realising the dream, I would not be in my box bemoaning the fact that it had never happened. So
I just got on with life and way lead onto way in the most wonderful whirlwind of adventure.

Until a little over 5 years ago I had not even held a passport. Oh, the excitement of boarding the Emirates flight to London! And the dream became a reality. London for four days, then three and a bit weeks of driving, well hubby drove and that is a story for another day, through England, Scotland and Wales, back to London for three days and then Eurostar to Paris, 5 weeks of Eurail pass through Europe then a flight from Rome to Athens, where we spent the last 5days before boarding that long flight home. We were overseas for 70 days, 10 most wonderful weeks, with the travel days to and fro tacked onto the beginning and end of this time. Amazing memories to hold close to heart for the rest of my days were made and it was such joy to travel with Darling Roge as my husband, companion, tour guide and protector.

So my point is, whatever your dream, hold onto it! Do not be dissatisfied or cynical about life even if it seems your dreams will never be reality. Simply be committed to being your best self and doing your best whatever the circumstance. I am reminded of Job, who lost everything but would not give up on his hope and trust in God and he was rewarded! ” For the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning.”

This trip is one of the great highlights and blessings of my life. The memories never diminish and are a richness which cannot be stolen. Experiences with memories or things? There is no contest.

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