Favourites; Julie Andrews sang about a few of them and Cadbury have boxes of them and I am not wanting to be difficult, but Favourite is singular by nature, you can have only one favourite. Perhaps this is why I find it so difficult whenever asked about anything which is my favourite. I don’t actually have a favourite thing and certainly hope that I do not play favourites. But I do have many loves.

Many Loves : Poetry by Estelle D

I love Australia, Africa art and avocado,

Birds, bees butterflies, and

Caterpillars,cake, coffee, chocolate, cherries, Christmas and compost,

I love dancing, drama, dreams,dresses and de-cluttering,

Elephants, excitement and everything good,

Family, friends, fairies and flowers,

I love giraffes, grace, grandchildren and gardening,

Home, health and a humble heart,

Interesting people and places, ice-cream,

Jesus, joy and jellybeans,

I love kindness,

Lovliness and learning,

Magic, mangoes, memories, music and movies

on Netflix,


Peace, promise,poetry, purity, prayer, picnics and plants,


Rainbows,recycling, roses and reading,

Sewing, sleeping, singing,stars and Sunday,

Travelling, tea, toast and teaching,


Variety, vegetables and visitors,

Writing, walking, weekends and worship,

X Factor for all the mysteries of life,

Youtube, Young Living Oils and youth,

Zebras, Zilzie and

A zillion other things.

I apologise for the spacing. At the stage I cannot get my poetry lines to single space and it is very annoying but I have to go so will publish this. My challenge to you; write you own Many Loves poem. You will feel great when you do.

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