Soul Gardening.

You’re closer to God’s Heart in a Garden than anywhere else on Earth.

I love to sit in the back garden. The birds come to visit, the lavender is abuzz with bees, butterflies dance, ladybugs lunch, little lizards explore, the goldfish glisten and dart, the tadpoles, arrested in development because of the cold, await their next stage of transformation into baby frogs and I soak up the vitamin D. But it is in the front garden that I meet the people!

The young chap from across the road comes for a chat, “Remember to call out if you need some help lifting heavy things”, he says. The ladies walking their dogs stop to chat about our beautiful old boy who was 17 when we put him to sleep in 2015. They still remember what a beautiful dog Keeani was and want to tell me all about their new rescue dogs. The lady who walks with her green Coles bag stops top gather some cuttings I put on the driveway, free for anyone to take, and we have a chat. Various walkers pass, “Good morning. Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Gardening is not only one of my loves, it is my therapy, my balance and grounding, my gentle exercise, my partnership with nature and one way of connection with the Creator. It took a while to see the connections (because sometimes I am a slow learner) but I need to dig in the earth and play with water. At times when I am too busy to play in the garden, I lose my balance, grounding and connections not only with the earth but with myself and others. Whilst working in the physical garden, I am also tending to the garden in my heart. So here we go;

The Garden: poetry by Estelle D

If your heart were a garden and could be viewed by all,

Would yours be seen as beautiful or would it just appal?

Would it be ordered and well tended, or would others know you just pretended?

Would there be sown seeds of kindness and good deeds,

Or would your garden be neglected, overgrown with weeds?

Would there be found sunshine from your good cheer,

Or would plants fail to bloom because you’re always drear?

Would your soil be rich and sweet, well tilled, with beauty filled?

Or would your garden die because your heart has hardened and you live a lie?

Would your garden be watered with tears of compassion?

Would it stir in others a deep and pure passion?

What fragrance would your garden gift?

Would its perfume be pleasing and able to uplift?

Be sure you have a garden growing in your heart,

Of how this garden blooms you play the biggest part,

If in your garden beauty you would favour, be careful how you labour,

For everything needs the right conditions to grow,

And we all get to reap what we sow.

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