The Art of Observation.

Recently I have spent time in airports and train stations. I have been to lots of places where I am surrounded by fellow travellers in this way leads onto way life. But this has given opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes; observation.

The art of observation is a wonderful way to kill time. One can learn a lot through being a quiet observer. Learning how to read facial expressions and body language will reveal much about people and siuations. Snippets of overheard conversation provide a little insight and I am ever mindful that everyone has their story.

Mostly these are stories I will never hear but I must never forget that everyone has a story, a history, a circumstance and a dream for their future. Sometimes I pass time creating fictional stories for the characters about me.

While I might like to use my imagination and make up stories it is important to with hold any judgements.

Despite what the media might have us believe, the vast majority of people are simply decent, law-abiding, pleasant folk doing their best in the life circumstances they find themselves.

I am reminded of the lyrics of Joe South, before you abuse, criticise and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes. Or, at the very least smile and be kind because as an observer, I do not know the story.

2 replies to “The Art of Observation.

  1. I am a great observer of people too Estelle. Thanks for your words.

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