Grandma Hat

For the past few weeks I have been wearing my grandma hat and visiting my grown children and my grand children. I have been visiting homes knit together in love and environments that would nurture curiousity and growing minds. These homes are serving their purpose beautifully, full of interest and energy. They are busy, lived in and loving.

There’s prams and trikes, bikes and scooters, books and blocks, toys and trampolines, paints and puzzles, glue and glitter, board games and computer games and conversation. And a never ending cycle of cleaning, washing, cooking..

I have been to gymbaroo, the magic yellow bus, the park, train rides, playgroup at the Gallery of Modern Art, swimming lessons and soccer. I have waved others off to netball, gymnastics and music lessons. I have read in the classroom, gone to book week parade and escorted one to the disco door.

I have also been reading Proverbs; which in my opinion should be compulsory reading just for the wisdom, but anyhow Proverbs 14:4 Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest. Sort of reminds me of the homes I have been visiting and have been thinking; With out children the house would stay clean, but you need children growing strong in heart, mind, body and soul for the large harvest of life which is ahead of them. The world needs curious and creative minds and the stimulus for these minds means things can get a bit messy along the way. A small price to pay.

And the last one; Proverbs 17:6. Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged.

Now I don’t think I am at all aged but of all the things there is to love, wearing the grandma hat has got to be one of the best. I love my crowning glories.

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