There is no better than “here”.

The next rule in The Rules for being Human.

Rule No. 6 There is no better than “here”. When our “there” has become a “here”, we will simply discover another “there” that will again look better than our”here”. Don’t be fooled by believing that the unattainable is better than what we have.

This rule speaks to contentment in the right here and now and accepting that wherever we are, in whatever circumstances and with whatever boundaries our lives have, there is a purpose and this is for our growth. Many people waste countless years, making themselves and those around them unhappy because they will not see the blessings right under their noses and are forever chasing after something which is either unattainable or just plain not good for them.

The key word in this rule is “unattainable”. There is nothing wrong with striving to improve your situation but in my experience, situations are improved by doing the very best you possibly can exactly where you are. It’s called making the most of what you already have and being thankful for that measure. And it is amazing how when one has an attitude of gratitude how their blessings continue to abound. It is the thankful person who attracts opportunity and almost magically doors open and way leads onto way.

So right now, be thankful for your “here” and bloom where you are planted because usually the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence and if it is, it is because the folks on the other side of the fence are taking good care of their grass.

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