Oh, The People You’ll Meet (Dr.Seuss)

The title of my blog, wayleadsontoway.life, is inspired from a line in Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken, a nod to my love of poetry and a testament to the unfolding of pathways my life has taken. In the next series of blogs I am going to share with you just a few of the people who have impacted my life and shaped its course and without meeting them my life would have been very different.

The first person I met in life was my mother. A beautiful human and many times I have been told,”your mother was as angel”. My father was strict, fair and loving in that I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve because it gets too easily rubbed of there, stiff upper lip old British style. As the youngest of a family of seven, I had six siblings and from an early age my family was both contracting, as one by one older siblings left home to make their own homes, and expanding as brothers and sisters in law and subsequently nephews and nieces were added. I love all my siblings dearly and credit our parents for being fair and not showing favouritism to any of us or acting in ways which would pitch one against the other as sometimes happens in families.

We were taught to be honest, industrious, law abiding citizens; we were taught respect and understood that character and integrity were personal riches. We were taught to respect God and His Word and this set the trajectory for my personal faith. I have often wondered if I would have searched out Christianity for myself if it had not been taught in my birth home. I like to think I would have and because God does not have grandchildren, only children, regardless of any of the circumstances around us, the seeking of God must be a personal quest.

While on the subject of family as the people you will meet, I must include the four, now adult, children for whom I am blessed to be a mother. They are among my greatest blessings and best teachers, they have shaped my life and taken me to places physically, emotionally and spiritually I would not have missed for anything. They continue to bless me and my blessings include their spouses and my grandchildren.

I have meet countless wonderful people in my life thus far and expect to meet many more. I hope you will join in in this coming week as I look at five people, not family members, who have played, whether they know it or not, a very significant role in my way leads onto way life.

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