Person #3 Oh, the People You’ll Meet.

I haven’t written for the past couple of days because I have been feasting. I have been feasting on delicious food, sweet friendships, robust conversations, great teachings and refreshing fountains of Living Water. Yesterday my way leads onto way life took me on a shortish road trip, a little journey down memory lane and a catch up with many wonderful faces from the past, one of whom was the widow of my person #3.

I had been doing this solo parenting gig for several years and I had known for some time that if I wanted to undertake a change of location, the beginning of the next year would be the time to do that. My eldest would begin 1st year university, the next would move into senior secondary school, the next into the first year of secondary and the youngest into year 1 of primary school. Since everyone would be beginning a new leg of learning if I was contemplating a move, that would be the time to do it. As it turned out we did move but not to another city, state or country but across the city to a suburb on the bay-side.

This meant two other things would change. I needed to find new employment and I needed a church family in my new location. The employment I secured by responding to an advertisement in the paper for a dental nurse. I had not worked as a dental nurse for about 15 years but soon got back into the swing of it. Some products had changed/improved and since the discovery of the AIDS virus, masking and gloving was an essential but the actual care for patients, reassuring them, being kind, gentle and understanding their fears had not changed. So all was good, except for one problem which became evident as the weeks and months wore on. The employment turned out to be more of an as needed basis rather than set and regular hours. It was a one man practice and I understood that the dentist needed his nurse when he had bookings, but unfortunately most of those turned out to be in the afternoon and evenings. I had put a lot of work into my family and now I felt it was being undone because I was not in the home when most needed.

Enter Person #3. He was a member at the congregation where I had decided to worship and also the Burser at the school my children attended. So one Sunday I asked him if there were any opportunities of employment at the school and I explained to him why I felt it important to make a change. His response was no, there is nothing available but he suggested I submit my resume to the school. I told him I had already done this as before I even moved into the area and before I had applied and been successful in the position of dental nurse, I had visited every school in the vicinity and submitted my resume. This was because I knew employment in school hours would be the best fit. But anyway, there was nothing available; he would keep me in mind. This was Sunday.

On Wednesday of that same week, I received a phone call from the school. Could I come in for an interview the next day? Someone had had a change in their situation and there was a position vacant. Is God at work in our lives? You bet He is! I was to be interviewed by the Deputy Principal. I arrived for the interview but the woman who was to interview me was unwell and she had not come into work that day. In her absence I was interviewed by P#3. This was not a complete push over; I still had to interview well and I needed prove that I was competent to do the task. The school had a very high standard and prided itself on always putting the best people in front of their students, so I needed to measure up.

But I can tell you, almost word for word how this interview concluded.

“These positions are highly sought after. There are probably about 30 other people I could give this job to. But I am going to offer it to you because I know your situation and I know how much difference it will make to your life. I also believe you will do the job well. You will be on a 3 month probation. How soon can you start?”

And so began my employment in the school education system. Previously I had worked from my home based business as a Family Day Care provider and Early Childhood Educator. I worked at this wonderful school for 11 years and it was another place of employment where I simply loved going to work each day.

Over the following years, P#3, a wonderful, humble, caring Christian man encouraged me in more ways than I can say. I am very pleased that I was able to thank him many times for the opportunity he afforded me all those years ago. Once again, one small conversation opened doors to a whole new, at that time unseen, pathway in my life.

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