The Books you will Read.

I haven’t written for a couple of days. We have a house guest; our home is full of lively conversation and we have a very full few days ahead with the three day lectureship at our local congregation. Life is full and blessed. But that is not the only reason, I have been deliberating about what to write, how much not to say and how much to disclose. Anyway this series of blogs is about books you will read that will change your life or at least be the right book at the right time. So here goes.

It is the 80s; big hair and big shoulder pads. I am blessed to have three amazing, beautiful, strong and smart children. I am busy, busy, busy; a human doing not a human being. I am this busy as I dare not stop and look closely at life because I know I will not like what I see. I am expending an enormous amount of energy, standing on my ear and trying to prove that I am good enough, worthy to be loved. I am a good actor but completely out of touch with myself and I don’t even know it.

Dr Wayne W. Dyer, who passed away in August 2015 is the author of over 40 books; 21 of them best sellers. His first, Your Erroneous Zones was first published in 1976 and has sold an estimated 35 million copies.

So it was on a visit to catch up with family and friends that my dear friend gave me this book. She had just read it and suggested I do also. I said I would read it and return it to her, but she said no, keep it; and I have! Over the years it has been loaned to various people and it is a bit tattered and the worse for wear but it finds its place on my right book at the right time list because it was the beginning of my understanding.

This book is all about taking personal responsibility over your own life and not basing your self worth on what others think of you. It opened my eyes to the way we think and the script about ourselves, and others, that runs in our heads and that from this script our feelings and beliefs are realised. If we have feelings of guilt, worry, anger, worthlessness or a belief that every thing should be fair; there are quite a lot of ways in which we can think erroneously, we need to break the patterns of the way we think and then we can break the patterns of how we feel and behave and very possibly change our life.

Full of little gems about how to break through erroneous conditioning from the beliefs we hold in error from childhood to the subliminal pervasiveness of advertising and social pressures, this book is about being an authentic, fully functioning human being.

To conclude, I will paraphrase snippets of the concluding remarks on p 243.

Most significantly, these individuals love themselves… they desire to grow… they have no room for self pity, self rejection or self hate…each day is a delight…they live all their present moments…they are not problem free, but free from emotional immobility as a result of problems…when they fall, they get up, dust themselves off and get on with the business of living. People who are free from erroneous zones don’t chase after happiness; they live and happiness is their payoff.

Dear reader, may this be you.

To my friend, DvN; Thank you my dear for giving me this book so many years ago.

2 replies to “The Books you will Read.

  1. Such a great book, and Wayne Dyer was a beautiful, wise gentle giant in the field of self development.
    I enjoyed this post & will now share 5 tips from Wayne on how to simplify your life:
    1) Practice letting go of thoughts about what’s not here now
    2) Introduce a soft, non-action style to your life
    3) Change your life by examining the urge to boast and be self-righteous
    4) Embrace the mantra “This too shall pass”
    5) Practice trusting your own inner nature


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