The Places You Will Go.

Excursion to Eze.

Midway between Nice and Monaco, perched 427 meters above the sparkling Mediterranean is the medieval village of Eze. We caught the train from Nice to Eze-sur-Mer; the train line snakes along the Med offering spectacular scenic views, next to the train line is the road and then the landscape rises sharply into the cliffs; there is only a narrow stretch of land between the water and the cliffs.

This is Eze perched high on the rock outcrop. 427 Meters above the Mediterranean
This is taken from the train window on our way to Eze

One can walk from the road up a steep and rocky incline to Eze and I am told the views back over the Med on this approximately one hour walk are breathtaking, but we took the #82 bus and were very thankful to do so. The views from the bus as it zigzagged up the mountain were also spectacular. The path named Chemin Frederic Nietzsche is so named because this German philosopher lived in the village in the late 19th Century and took this path for his daily walks down to the Mediterranean. I would rate our trip to Eze and the bus ride to the village as one of the prettiest excursions of our whole trip.

On the left is the bus shelter from where we caught the #82

Approaching Eze. The carpark; no cars allowed in the village.

The history of the village dates back to its first settlement by the Phoenicians in 19-20th Centuries BC. Because of its strategic position the Romans and the Moors have used its location as a fortress. In 1860 all the villagers of Eze agreed to become part of France. Today Eze is home to approximately 3000 locals and the steady stream of tourist who come for the absolute beauty and peace of the village. An added attraction is the Galimard perfume factory and laboratory in Eze which creates and sells top quality French perfumes. Being in that store was quite a heady experience and we departed with an appropriate collection of good smelling stuff.

Narrow Cobbled streets.
This is the Eze sur-Mer. Just behind the train line.

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