The Places You Will Go.

Mozart, Music and Morning Tea.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg’s most famous son was born here on 27th January 1756. He was a musical genius and wrote his first composition at the age of five. Mozart lived in Salzburg for the first 25 years of his life but in 1781 he moved to Vienna and lived a prestigious life, in the employ of the Archbishop. He soon decided he wanted to work independently, but stayed in Vienna supporting himself through commissions for his compositions and by giving piano lessons. He died in Vienna on December 5, 1791 at the age of 35.

Image result for picture of some of mozart's music

The house where Mozart was born in the Old Town in Salzburg. Notice in the second picture the Spar supermarket next door.

Mozart’s birthplace

The other city which claims Mozart as their own is Prague. Mozart arrived in Prague on January 11th 1787, to a reception equal to a modern day rock star. A few days later he gave the premiere concert of his Symphony in D major, which is now also called the “Prague Symphony”. Prague loved Mozart and he loved them, the people there responded enthusiastically to his opera The Marriage of Figaro and Mozart is reported to have said, “My Praguers understand me!”

Each of these cities has a Cafe Mozart. We discovered our first Cafe Mozart in Vienna which is famous for its coffee houses. There has been a coffee house on this spot since 1794, in 1929 it was named Cafe Mozart due to a monument of Mozart situated at the front of the cafe. In more recent years this location has become well known for Graham Greene’s famous film The Third Man. They do a great iced coffee.

Then we found Cafe Mozart in Salsburg, which I guess you would have to expect and finally we visited the Cafe Mozart in Prague. Below is the sweets menu.

Mozart visited Prague for the last time in 1789 and died two years later in Vienna. While the city of Vienna tossed his body into a common grave, the people of Prague went into mourning when they heard the news of his death.

Cafe Mozart Prague

Image result for cafe mozart salzburg
Cafe Mozart Salzburg.

Image result for CAfe Mozart Vienna pictures
Cafe Mozart Vienna

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