Like Mother Like Daughter.

There is an old saying, directed at young men contemplating marriage; it goes something like this, take a good look at the mother because in 20 years time that is what your bride will be like. This of course is a generalisation and not always correct but like many generalisations there is a ring of truth to it.

So when my daughter said, “Mum take this how you like, but P tells me I am becoming more like you all the time,” I just had to laugh. You see this happens without us even knowing it. When we are young we are sure we will be nothing like our mothers but from about 30 onwards a gradual transformation occurs. This is so gradual that for about a decade no one even notices but by the time we are 50 the transformation is almost complete.

We are interstate to attend the celebration of my daughter’s 40th birthday, so she is about half way into the process; she assures me she doesn’t mind being a bit like her mum but I am not quite sure if we should tell P that this is likely to only get worse!

I have three wonderful sons in law and love them all dearly. I am very proud of my three beautiful daughters, each one of them an intelligent, capable and caring woman, who in my opinion, has surpassed their mother and that is exactly what I wished for them.

If nothing else this is a reminder that children learn by osmosis, we can talk and preach all we like, but children actually absorb their parents and primary care givers. Actions speak louder than words and an example is better than a sermon any day.

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