Very Happy Un-birthday to You.

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

Birthday season is almost over. I have many people to love in my life; I am the youngest of seven so I have siblings, each of them married to a person I love, scores of nephews and nieces, adult children, each of them married to a person I love, grandchildren, steppies and friends old and new and then there is hubby and his people. So every month family and friends who we love dearly have birthdays BUT from the end of October ’till the first few days in December the birthdays come fast and furious. It is quite amazing just how many birthdays can be crammed into these few weeks.

Regularly I meet new people and as our friendship develops we discover that our birthdays are within just a few days of each other. This calls for lots of coffee and cake. And I love birthdays, after all that is the day we arrived in this world, and that is a pretty big deal. Birthdays are the way we count off our days and we use them as a gauge to see how we are travelling in life. Are we making the progress we hoped for? How is our health, for our age? Are we ticking off our bucket list? Birthdays remind us that time is ticking by. I also love to remember other people’s birthdays and take opportunity to remind them how special, unique and wonderful they are.

But I have to say, I am with the Mad Hatter on this one. Birthdays come but once a year and they are special but my wish for everyone is that the remaining 364 days of their year will be just as happy. On each day may we be reminded how special, unique and wonderful we are, may each of our days be a good day to celebrate life and be reminded that our contribution to it is valuable.

This year my birthday season might be extended a little as we have a new grandchild due any day, but generally my birthday season finishes on the 4th with the birthday of my son and then I move into Christmas season mode.

But right now, I must fly because I am off for coffee and cake with another of my Birthday Buddies.

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