The Twelve Gifts of Christmas.

Gift # 5 : The Gift of Time.

For many people in the developed world our lives are absolutely “over-thinged”. Consumerism, advertising, keeping up with The Jones’ and the huge retail push, at any time of the year but especially at Christmas, has made sure of that! We really don’t need anymore things but Time, well that’s another story; in our time poor lives it seems there is never enough and we are always in a rush. But if you would like to give the gift that will not languish in the back of the cupboard or be passed on for someone’s next birthday present, give the gift of time and of shared experience.

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Time is one of our most valuable resources because it is finite, we cannot manufacture more hours in the day; everyone gets 24 hours in each day and how we choose to spend them is a huge indication of what is important and precious to us.

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When we spend our time with people, they know they are valued. This applies across every age group from childhood to old age. The gift of time and interest in another person is priceless. My most wonderful gifts have been gifts of shared experience and time spent together with those I love. The gifts enrich both the giver and the receiver and are like precious jewels embedded in memories to treasure forever.

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Sometimes we get our idea of wealth from all the wrong places. Researchers Donnelly and Norton have found that money contributes to happiness to meet basic needs — but above a certain level, more money does not yield much more happiness. So it is just like Paul McCartney of The Beatles said,

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Time is a perfect gift; give to the aged, lonely, sick, less fortunate and our young people. The people we love need to know they are loved, valued, precious, treasured and worth our time.

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This Christmas, may you give and receive the Very Merry Gift of Time.

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