The Twelve Gifts of Christmas.

Gift #6: The Gift of Song.

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I once knew a man who could not sing. It was not that he didn’t like singing or that he didn’t want to sing; he simply could not. He had been so abused, so brutally bullied as a child that the melody in his heart had petrified with fear.

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The gift of song is the birth right of us all; there is a melody written in our hearts. We are all children of the universe; it is the one (uni) song (verse) which runs through all of existence and holds everything together. Song is a gift straight from heaven.

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Observe any happy, healthy, safe and loved child playing and singing out of pure delight and you will understand what I mean.

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Unfortunately, and for a variety reasons, lots of people have buried the melody in their hearts. It’s one of the reasons the baby Jesus came to Earth, to bring Joy, to restore your Song. Have you ever wondered why people sing Christmas Carols? Why we sing in Worship? Singing has powerful positive, emotional, psychological, social and physiological benefits. Just a quick Google search will bear out this truth.

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Another thing; you do not have to be a good singer to enjoy the benefits of song. Anyone can make a joyful, even if it is not a beautiful, sound and I think the more one sings the better they will get at it. This Christmas, I hope you will make the opportunity to enjoy the Gift of Song in the company of those you love and may it be a continuing melody through out the coming year.

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