The Twelve Gifts of Christmas.

Gift #7 : The Gift of Lights

Can you imagine the world with out light? Lights are synonymous with Christmas. We decorate homes, gardens and the tree with lights. All around the world The lighting of the Christmas Tree event in public spaces is a celebration which marks the beginning of the season.

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Lights play a significant role in the way we celebrate all sorts of things; just think candle lit dinners for romance, candles on birthday cakes, light shows on holidays of public and historic celebration and of course the neon lights of advertising and consumerism where those who can, celebrate affluence.

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In the beginning God chased away the darkness and made the light and so He could show people what He was like, He came to earth in the form of the baby Jesus. Jesus lived and walked in the light, telling humanity that if they followed his teachings they too could live in the light.

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And this is why we put so many lights up at Christmas. It is to remind us that the Gift of Light was given to the world. The light in each one of us is meant to reflect to the world the goodness of God.

By all means enjoy the lights of the season but continue to let your light shine when all the Christmas trees and lights have been packed away for another year. The world so needs people to shine their lights every day, to dis-spell the darkness and hold out the lamp of hope.

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May you share with your loved ones a very bright and light filled Christmas.

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