The Twelve Gifts of Christmas.

Gift #8: The Gift of Hope.

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The Macquarie dictionary defines hope as the expectation of something desired, to look forward to with desire, to trust in the truth of a matter. We don’t Hope for something we already have, for example, if it is raining, I am not hoping that it will rain, rather I am thanking God because it is raining; although I might hope, and pray, for more rain as an expectation of something desired in the future.

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Hope is in our DNA. It is as essential to the soul as the air we breathe is to our physical bodies. Hope is not some wishy washy, airy fairy feeling; it is much more than optimistic thinking. Hope is a theological truth and promise, anchored in faith and trust, made evident through patience and courage. Hope is invisible and intangible but believes and achieves the impossible. It is the antidote for fear and an inoculation against distress.

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Hope and life are inseparable; where there is life there is hope and where there is hope there is life.

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This Christmas may you be blessed with the gift of Hope and take it each day into the New Year of 2020.

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