Pearls of Wisdom.

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Pride comes before a Fall.

This is an old and common saying; it is anchored in Biblical writings and is as true today as ever.

Now pride has two sides; there is the wholesome pride which demonstrates itself in enough self pride to dress and present ourselves in a respectable manner, to take pride in a job well done, to take care of home and garden, to celebrate the achievements of our children and those we love, and yes, to be proud. It would be a very dark and dismal world if we all decided to take no pride in anything. However, this wholesome pride is tempered with self-discipline and an attitude of caring for others which supersedes selfishness.

Then there is arrogant pride; the sort of pride which makes one believe they are entitled and simply so important that the law and the rules of common decency do not apply to them.

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Rarely a day goes by when one does not hear about this type of pride. It flourishes in politics, religion, business, entertainment, sport and crime. I suspect jails are full of people who have discovered that a fall comes after arrogant pride.

The antidote to arrogant pride is healthy humility. Healthy humility does not make one a door mat neither does it allow others license to violate your personal boundaries. What it does do is give an individual the grace to submit to ideals, laws and rules which are for the good of all and the grace to yield, give up, their self awarded importance in order to bless others.

Arrogant pride will undo us and the fall will come. The wise will choose humility before it is thrust upon them. For as the scriptures say:

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. James 4:6

And God’s gift of grace is no small thing.

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