The Shift to Thrift.

Today is the last post on thrift in the kitchen; I could go on but I think we have covered sufficient for now. Thank you everyone who has been following along, thank you for your comments and an especially big thank you to those of you who made my mum’s pumpkin scones and posted me a pic of your lovely trays of scones.

Thrift in the kitchen is not rocket science. Put simply it is :

  • being organised enough to have a plan
  • to shop with value for money in mind
  • to purchase nutrient dense foods which actually nourish the body
  • to use what has been purchased with a minimum of waste
  • to store food in an organised and visible fashion
  • to be familiar with cooking methods and terms
  • to experiment with food prep and presentation
  • to respect flavours and flavour partners
  • to understand ingredient substitutions
  • and most importantly, to have fun and cook with love.
Lime Tree, Rosemary and Herbs, Marigolds, Pumpkin Vine, Mandarin

In the next Shift to Thrift post we will move onto another of my keen interests; thrifty gardening.

The Friendship Garden

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