Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Just for Today.

Just on one year ago I started to write this blog. Since then I have written thousands of words and if you have read any of them, thank you. My blog is for self discipline. Writers write but it is a discipline to sit down and actually do the writing. I believe there is a book in everyone as everyone has their story and this is evident when one actually listens to others. So just for today may you treasure your own story, truly listen to another and learn some of their story and be thankful, for however painful or difficult your story is, it is what makes you a truly unique and remarkable individual.

Take it day by day and be grateful for every breath • - Post by ...
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Life is not like an escalator which we hop on at the bottom and it delivers us seamlessly to the top of our game. Rather it is a three steps forwards two steps back and then around in a circle or two. Sometimes we get absolutely stuck or fall off and land right down at the bottom again. The secret is to live one day at a time. Not everyday is outstandingly spectacular, some are, but many more are quite ordinary and some are downright awful, notwithstanding, there is magic in every single day we breathe because it is this actual day by day living that we call Life.

 Just for Today  by  Estelle D.© Copyright 2001

Just for today I will smile,
Just for today I will be happy,
Abraham Lincoln famously said,
Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
You can do it! Just for today.
Just for today I will be kind
to myself and others.
Just for today I will accept the reality of my circumstances
and live with in them graciously,
knowing they are the tools to my personal growth.
Just for today I will give myself time,
time to think, time to pray,
plan, meditate, daydream, write, laugh and cry.
Just for today I will take time to process my life,
Time to absorb all the things that happen to me,
 in me and around me.
I will process them into who I am 
and keep going.
Just for today I will increase my knowledge,
I will aim to understand more of the mystery that is life.
Just for today I will live,
I will not be weighed down with worry for tomorrow
nor will I be stuck in bitterness from yesterday.
Just for today I will see beauty all around me.
Just for today I will understand that
half the things I want to get done today
just won't happen.
And that is OK.
But I will live this day
because it is all that I have been given.

One day at a time sweet Jesus, that's all I am asking from you ...
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As we move towards a future society and a world position that 
increasingly seems less stable and more uncertain, just for today,
make the most of this day.

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