Poetry, Prose and Parable.

I’ve been drinking from my saucer.

Chapter 33 - When Your Cup Overflows
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I haven’t written for a couple of weeks, but my goodness, a lot has been happening. I have renewed my WordPress account for another year and renewed my wayleadsontoway.life blog domain and we have had loads to celebrate.

My son and his wife and two little grandies arrived from interstate; since our borders were open they could visit. They came earlier than planned and just as well, as our borders have closed again now to folks from their city. It was wonderful! We celebrated on two occasions the birthdays of two very important persons and had Christmas in July just because we could. Such fun! I laughed, sang, told stories, cuddled, raced, crawled and rolled around with the little ones. In addition to all this, was the Naming Day celebration for grandie #5. Indeed, to quote the words of poet, John Paul Moore, I’m drinking from my saucer’ cause my cup has overflowed.

Adult offspring who love and respect you and who want their children to love, respect and know you, are one of the great blessings of being a parent. It is a great reward for that journey of years and years of parenting and then to see them parenting their own children in loving and responsible ways; well, I’m drinking from my saucer.

So, it is with this in mind that I share this poem, written about that loving, responsible parent when he was about 14. He assures me that he is going to make sure his children study and do all their homework and now says, Mum, you should have made me work harder at school. We just laugh about it together because we both know the story.

A Poem for a Boy. written by Estelle D. circa 1995.©

Get out of bed, you sleepy head, the day has now begun,
Streaming in the window is the light of morning sun.
I shake him but he lies there, still, like the living dead,
Snuggles down in the bed, pulls the covers up over his head.
One call, two calls and a third time,
Out of bed but now for the bathroom, has to stand in line.
Breakfast is quite an affair, cereal, milk, toast, jam, fruit, stuff everywhere,
How to fill this body growing ever so fast?
He's reached six foot and then gone past!
Off to dress in uniform; now the fun just starts,
Mum, where's my socks? 
Where's my tie and garters?
Mum, where's a clean pair of jocks?
They're in the drawer where they're supposed to be,
Can't you even see?
Aren't you big enough yet,
To dress yourself without me!
Mum, have you packed my lunch?
Of the next request I already have a hunch.
Mum, Can you pack my bag?
Your lunch is packed and in your bag, to pack your books is up to you.
Oh, Mum, can you please? I can't find my other shoe!
Look! Hurry up! You'll miss the bus!
Why every morning do we have to have such a fuss?
Aw. Mum, don't have a cow!
I need you to sign this piece of paper now,
I need some money and a note for an excursion on a boat.
The bag is ready. The lunch is packed.
Have you got your hat?
Bye, Mum, I love you. No time to stop and chat.
Flying out the gate. I'll miss the bus.
I'm already five minutes late.
The morning rush is over; I feel like I've been done over,
Now he's safely out the door,
I sit in the sun and a fresh cuppa pour,
I take some time to recover,
And muse about the price I pay for him to call me Mother

P.S.  I am very proud of the man the boy has become. I am proud of all my adult offspring. We know our story! It has not always been easy or fun. The job has been done imperfectly, just as life is imperfect, but it has been done with love and sacrifice and I can tell you every bit of it has been worthwhile; so I'm drinking from my saucer 'cause my cup overflows. 

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