Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Paul David Tripp Quote: “Love is willing self-sacrifice for the good of  another that does not require reciprocation or that the person being  love...” (7 wallpapers) - Quotefancy
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Living in the Land of Paradox.

For today we have a parable. I have been thinking a lot lately about sacrifice. My father used to say there is no love without sacrifice and it is one of my beliefs that to experience happiness we need to be prepared to make sacrifices in many areas of life. To perpetually feed our ego might seem like a good idea but like a lot of things in life, what seems like a good idea turns out to be rather disappointing. Please read on…

ONCE UPON AN AGE in the Land of Paradox, bursting into light came two spiritual beings. They sang and danced for joy, for they both knew they were wondrously made. They were full of grace, beauty, charm and wonder. They were intelligent courageous and strong. They shone like stars for indeed they were the children of Father Sun and Mother Moon. They were given the names of Self and Sacrifice. Both understood they were of exceeding great worth and they were blessed beyond measure. With such knowledge they were given the freedom to roam the universe until the end of time.

Convinced of her own worth and desiring to be a good steward, Self decided to increase and add to her Self. She knew she had talents that needed to be carefully guarded lest someone should grab them from her. Self was a bit suspicious and even jealous of the talents she saw in others. But she knew the tangible signs of success that would add value to her Self; clothes, jewels, expensive cars, a big house, exciting holidays, looking good and of-course always being seen with the right people. Self was diligent in her efforts and her achievements were great but ALAS, that wonderful light that had shone from within was dimmed. It faded and flickered into darkness. Self became an empty shell; even her possessions lost their glitter.

Sacrifice knew of her own true worth also and she acknowledged that precisely because of this intrinsic value she received riches from the Keeper of all Abundance. These gifts she thankfully received and joyfully shared with others. Sacrifice valued her talents and knew they were unique. She saw others blessed with wonderful gifts also but she did not envy or criticise them because she knew the Keeper of all Abundance had enough for everyone.

A funny thing happened to Sacrifice. The more she gave, the more she shared, the more she received. Life unfolded as a wonderful tapestry. Sacrifice met interesting people, she was given opportunities to grow. She did not seek riches, fame, position or even self comfort but she noticed all her needs were provided in abundance. Sacrifice radiated a glow of warmth and light, others felt blessed to know her and Sacrifice felt blessed to be able to give up self. Sacrifice knew that her contribution was of great value; through receiving and giving, giving and receiving she became whole. Sacrifice flowed with the energy that sustains all life. This is the energy we call LOVE.

So which will it be for you and me who live in the Land of Paradox; where the first shall be last and the last shall be first?

Parable by Estelle D.© 2020

Just as a postscript. Sacrifice does not mean that you let yourself be used as a complete doormat neither does it mean that you need to suffer continued abuse from people who profess to love you. If this is your situation please seek support and help. You are completely precious and worthy of respect and love.

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