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So today it is just a short poem. Following my last post on Sacrifice and Self I have been thinking about the cost of life, sacrifice and the gifts we are given. We tend to forget that everything in this world has a cost; if it is a blessing to our lives and we have not paid for it ourselves, then someone else has paid the price for us. There is no greater example of this than the cost paid by Jesus for us to be reconciled with Father God.

The Cost poetry by Estelle D.

For something to be found, first it must be lost,
And if our prize is of great value, there must also be a cost.
If we think we have found a treasure, and have not paid the price,
We can know that someone else has paid for us to have this prize.

For we have all been chosen to carry our cross, 
To have our hearts purged of its dross, 
To search for Truth, to suffer loss, 
To find for ourselves that which was lost,
And feel privileged to pay the cost.

Poetry by Estelle D.© 2020.

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