Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Negativity is a thief, it steals happiness - Quote
Image: allauthor.com

Today we have another short poem about life. Sometimes life is difficult and impossible to understand. Sometimes it feels as though we lose a lot; it is stolen from us and we cannot see why this has to be so. The Truth of life generally reveals itself. We need to be authentic people, seekers of truth, brave enough to face Truth and to be Kind. Kind to ourselves and kind even to those who hurt us. I hope you will like this poem.

The Thief. Poetry by Estelle D. © 2020.

Open your eyes, lift your disguise,
Find new sight,
See from another perspective,
Under a different light.
Ponder on great mysteries,
Heartbreak and Pain,
Wonder, Wonder Why?
Why you don't hear the words spoken
that might warn the Thief is near
and you're to be heartbroken.
Rest in the dullness of pain,
Have tears cleanse the soul like rain,
Wait on Time's precious healing.
Harken Truth's revealing.
The Thief comes only to steal.

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