Spring Clean.

Why Toowoomba is most beautiful inland city in Australia | Chronicle
Image: Toowoomba Chronicle.

In the southern hemisphere, Spring is here. And I am so thankful for its arrival. We live in a location that has beautiful tree lined streets and parks and gardens bursting with colour. At this time of year our city hosts The Carnival of Flowers; it is a wonderful celebration to Spring. Covid 19 has shrunk our worlds and community events are restricted; so there can be no parade through the streets, nor can the Food and Wine Festival which partners the Carnival of Flowers and showcases all our wonderful local produce go ahead. Even so our public parks and spaces, as well as many private gardens, are looking as beautiful as ever and the city has come up with creative ways to showcase its beauty, to encourage locals and welcome visitors to celebrate, Covid style, our wealth of local beauty, produce and hospitality.

East Toowoomba - Queens Park and Botanic Gardens
Image : Toowoomba Regional Council.

Still it is a good time for Spring cleaning so here is a little spring cleaning story.

The cupboard under the stairs is an Aladdin’s Cave. Not actually brimming with gold and precious jewels but overflowing all the same. When you think that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, well perhaps there is something precious in there. In fact, I know there is. Today it was all pulled out; the paintings that don’t see the light of day because there is already too much on our walls. The old violin, hugging memories of quick and nimble fingers dancing over its tired and broken strings, sleeps in its coffin case. The eskys, empty now but often filled with party cheer for happy social and family events have stories a plenty to tell. The crates filled with the belongings and memories of the now adult children wait patiently; one day they may be claimed. The cleaning gadgets which still enjoy frequent use and right at the back, hiding really, are the walking sticks and frames, quietly resting, waiting to be ushered into use as old age claims its victory over firm step and stride. You see, I told you there was treasure in there.

Hasty clean ups see benches swept bright, spanking clean and everything dumped into a box and shoved in the cupboard under the steps. So when it comes time to clean out the cupboard everything comes out. There is a bit of a ratio. About a quarter goes back in, all the treasures mentioned above; about a quarter is thrown out, about a quarter given to charity and the rest goes up into the shed. This just extends the inevitable moment of it being let go, but you see, the shed is way larger than the cupboard under the stairs.

One day soon I need to clean out the shed.

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