Poetry, Prose and Parable.

The Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden. Poetry by Estelle D.

Saturdays Are Fun: Fairy Garden Inspiration | Studio Tangie | Fairy quotes,  Fairy crafts, Fairy garden
Quote: Shakespeare. Image: Pinterest

The Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden.

The fairies at the bottom of the garden,
Were playing hide and go seek,
If you listen closely, you can hear them speak.
Gliding by on gossamer wing,
Beautiful fairy, sweetly sing.
Flowing tresses, silken, silver and gold,
Do Fairies ever get old?

And as you speak, what do you say? 
Fairy, oh so sweet and sprite,
Faces shining light from stars,
Riding moonbeams from afar.
Is your message just a fairy tale?
If humans heeded, would it fail?
What is your secret, Fairy so fair?
Why is happiness like yours so rare?

We know the secret the fairies said,
But if you understand it only with your head,
The knowledge cannot make you any wiser, 
For all of life's bounty, you will still be a miser,
But the secret we will freely give,
This is how we richly live.

Sang the fairies at the bottom of the garden;
Let not your hearts harden.

Poetry by Estelle D. © 2020

Published by Estelle Deshon

I am in the 7th decade of my wayleadsontowaylife. I love many things in this life and as my blog unfolds I hope I am able to humbly share my loves and many of the lessons learnt along the way. I am Estelle Deshon, Poet, Story Teller, Writer, Learner, Blogger, Teacher and Speaker. I hope we are able to journey together.

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  1. Lovely Estelle – hope you have shared this with the grandkiddies – mine certainly keep my heart soft.


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