Poetry, Prose and Parable.

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We are multi dimensional creations; mind, body, emotion, intellect and spirit. Paul describes us a God’s temple. Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 1st Corinthians: 3:16. I wonder how precious and unique we would believe ourselves to be and how much abuse of mind, body, emotion, intellect and spirit we would avoid if this concept was understood.

Foundations Poetry by Estelle D.© 1998

All of life we are building,
A temple not made with hands,
How we lay the foundation,
Will determine if it falls,
Or if it stands.

Some build a temple elaborate and ornate,
And in their temple would life celebrate,
Through trial and tribulation,
Their temple will not stand,
For its foundations were laid on shifting sands.

Some build in haste,
Thinking time spent in preparation
But a waste,
Laying foundations without any plumb line,
Their temple will not stand the test of time.

Some would build with foolishness,
Slothful, not taking any care,
Foundations fraught with weakness,
And in their folly,
Not even be aware.

Yet few would build with wisdom,
Selecting carefully their chief cornerstone,
Laying sure foundations,
In Jesus Christ alone,
Building a lively temple for their home.

And with wisdom even greater,
They would continue building later,
For their foundations will not falter,
And in sacrifice would lay their temple,
At the Holy Altar.

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