Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Going Home

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It is said that Home is where the heart is and this is true but I think there are many kinds of home. There is the home of the present, the home of the heart, the home of the soul, the home of childhood and the home of the aged to name just a few. I prefer my own little saying that goes, Home is where you make it.

For the past 10 days I have been visiting the home of my childhood. My siblings still live in this area and my heart had been telling me it was time to go home, visit and catch up with them and many of their children and grand children. It was a blessed time; a walk down memory lane and also, this time, the opportunity to catch up with two friends from the past who had found me on social media. One girl I had not seen since we finished school in 1970 and the other I had not seen for about 35 years; we worked together at my first place of employment in 1971 and have caught up once since.

During my time at home I was chauffeured by many, had the use of my sister in laws car at times, was the recipient of many meals, morning and afternoon teas with dear people, taken to all sorts of places, had opportunity to share in the latest developments in the lives of loved ones, went back to the old farm house, stood in my old bedroom and attended the church I grew up in.

There is something that is grounded and stable about my family of origin. My parents moved to the farm after their marriage and honeymoon in 1938. My mother said if they saw one car a week go down the dirt track of a road, it was a busy week. Now it is a sealed road constantly conveying all sorts of traffic. Back in 1938 there was no electricity, no phone and neighbours were far away; now much of the land is subdivided into small acreage housing developments and businesses. But for as much as has changed, much has stayed the same; there is still much to remind me of my 22 years growing up here.

My own life, and that of my children when they were growing up, has not afforded the stability known to my siblings. Between 1978 and 2004 we moved 14 times; circumstances dictated that we be flexible! This is why I say Home is where you make it, I have had to make lots of homes! Since 2004 my now husband has provided me, and by extension my adult offspring, a great deal of stability and for his love I am ever thankful.

So where ever you are today, I hope you can discern your home. Actually this world is not our home, we are just passing through but for however long we are here Home is where you make it; so make it inside you. Whatever else comes and goes in life, however much things change I hope you can come home to yourself and find truth, peace, hope, stability and safety there.


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2 replies to “Poetry, Prose and Parable.

  1. Blessings back to you Estelle. You have caused me to reflect on the many places I have called home. One which I haven’t visited for a very long time and which is celebrating a significant milestone next October which I am hoping to attend next October.


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