Poetry, Prose and Parable.

River red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis), growing near the town of  Daylesford, VIC, Australia | Eucalyptus tree, Australian trees, Australia  landscape
Image: Red River Gum: The sheer magnificence of an Australian Gum Tree: Printrest.

A Poem for Trees Poetry by Estelle D.Ⓒ 2020.

Mighty, mighty gum tree,
Standing so majestically,
For a hundred years or more,
Could you but speak and tell,
Of all the things you saw,
Fire, flood and drought,
The season's endless turnabout.

You're a home for the birds,
And the koala too,
Shaded rest for the kangaroo,
As you raise your limbs,
To the heavens high,
You purify the air, so that we don't die,
You accept the full heat of the noontide day,
While under you in peace I'd stay.

And I feel the energy that you possess,
Your strength, your power, your wonderfulness,
And I mourn for man, who in his vanity,
Has dulled his senses to the wonder of a tree,
And in arrogance, he cannot see,
That this tree is just as important as he.

Published by Estelle Deshon

I am in the 7th decade of my wayleadsontowaylife. I love many things in this life and as my blog unfolds I hope I am able to humbly share my loves and many of the lessons learnt along the way. I am Estelle Deshon, Poet, Story Teller, Writer, Learner, Blogger, Teacher and Speaker. I hope we are able to journey together.

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