Poetry, Prose and Parable.

A Garden and a Library

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Almost 20 years ago my father passed from this life. It was the task of my siblings and I to empty the old farmhouse; our family home since 1938 and the home we had all come to straight from hospital and left the day we married.

As anyone who has ever been involved in this task will know, it is both physically and emotionally exhausting. One of my jobs was to clear the office and the library. Each grandchild, 33 of them, was gifted a book from the library and families chose books of interest for their own libraries.

Among my choices were the two books pictured above. Keys to Happiness published by Reader’s Digest in 1957 and The Art of Living; Reader’s Digest 1958. Both these books are old but intact, they have that old book smell and their pages are browned with age. But recently they spoke to me, as my books in the bookcases do, they said, pick me up, get me down and read me again. And so I am. The books are filled with short stories and snippets of wisdom which embrace all areas of life.

Best Quotes and Sayings about Books
Image: Skip Pritchard.

The interesting thing about the Keys to Happiness and The Art of Living is that the contents, although written over 60 years ago, contain gems of wisdom about life which do not change. The world has changed rapidly but people and their basic needs remain the same. Often we get caught up in the fast pace and the race to success but neglect the very principles and attitudes which enhance life and bring contentment and happiness. For the next days and weeks I will be reading the stories in these books and sharing some of the gems of wisdom in my blog posts.

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