Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Grace and gratitude for parents; Five-session class through April 2 -  Westminster Presbyterian Church
Image: Westminster Presbyterian Church

The Grace of Gratitude

The inspiration for today’s post comes from The Art of Living, p.25. This article explores two very beautiful words and concepts which are close to my heart.

Grace, a Biblical word which literally means unmerited favour; it is what God extends to each one of us; for whether we recognize it or not, we are all recipients of God’s goodness.

And Gratitude, which is the art of receiving gracefully, of showing appreciation for every kindness, great or small are virtues well worth the effort to cultivate.

Our response to recognizing we are the recipients of Amazing Grace is to be gracious, graceful, generous and grateful for all of the blessings of life from the least to the greatest.

The attitude of gratitude is not a once off or passing sentiment and it does not express itself only in lofty outpourings. On the contrary, it is in the myriad of little things that the grace of gratitude is best employed. The sincere thank you; the quiet compliment, the acknowledgment of a service rendered, kindly words, a warm smile.

Gratitude is an encouragement; something which everyone needs. More relationships have failed because daily acknowledgment of appreciation and gratitude for all the little things which make up the daily grind is neglected. A once in a while expensive gift or night out is poor compensation when a person feels invisible because all the little things they offer as gifts to the other are not noticed or appreciated.

Gratitude is something of which we cannot give too much. In fact, the more we practice gratitude, the more we will find for which to be grateful. It is on your smiles, thank-yous, words and gestures of appreciation that your marriage, home, family, children and by extension your workplace and neighbours build their philosophy of life.

Grace and Gratitude, may they go with you through each day; they are companions to love and happiness.

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