Way Leads onto Way.

Oh I kept the first for another day Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I  doubted if should ever come back. - Jar of Quotes
Quote: Robert Frost: Image Jar of Quotes

The title of my blog wayleadsontoway.life was chosen because it has been my experience in life. A personal commitment to always do the best in whatever circumstances and to look for the blessings has resulted in ways opening up. It is the advice I would give to any person. We create our future today and this is why it is so important to show up and give each day our best shot.

Our ways lead us into all sorts of experiences, interests, employments, meeting of new people and travelling to new places. And interestingly enough our ways tend to take big circles as well. Circles which find us renewing interests and friendships we had enjoyed, sometimes decades earlier. This has been my experience since retiring and what a delight it has been to renew connections with folks who were part of life forty, fifty even sixty years ago.

So with this in mind wayleadsontoway is moving onwards. I have two new ideas which I want to explore so Poetry, Prose and Parable will be replaced by I Love a Sunburnt Country. This blog post will be similar to the Places you will Go posts which took an A-Z trip across the globe to places to which I have been blessed to travel; I Love a Sunburnt Country will do the same for places across Australia. The inspiration for this comes from our recent trip to the Blue Mountains and my absolute love of driving through the landscape of our beautiful country.

The other blog thread will be titled Enneagram Energies. And this is the story of a recent interest and one which requires much more exploration on my part. Perhaps I can share this journey with you?

So far wayleadsontoway has explored in series Poetry, Prose and Parable, Communicate to Connect, The Shift to Thrift, Pearls of Wisdom, The Places you will Go, The Twelve Gifts of Christmas, The Books you will Read, The People you will Meet, Ten Life Lessons and a number of random posts simply about life. I write because I love to and it is my discipline. I make it public because I am a cast your bread on the waters sort of person. I am thankful to those who read the posts and it is my hope that we can spur one another on to love and good deeds.

The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost
Image: Motivation Mentalist


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