I Love A Sunburnt Country.

Just by coincidence, we begin our A-Z trip across Australia on the day our Federal Government has announced the good news of half price airline tickets to 13 places across our beautiful land. This is a stimulus to rebuild our tourism industry which has been highly impacted by Covid. So to begin: A.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. I first visited Adelaide in the summer of 1977. It was a long road trip across Queensland, NSW, ACT, along the mighty Murry, down through the Riverlands and into Adelaide. We arrived on a late Wednesday afternoon and I will never forget the dry, baking hot Adelaide heat which greeted us on alighting from the air conditioned car. The heat from the bitumen was like a blast furnace and the incredibly dry heat was a complete contrast to Queensland’s humidity. It was 40deg C+ in the shade and the air was just HOT. Overnight the direction of wind changed from a Northerly, coming off the desert, to a Southerly, coming off the Great Southern Ocean and Antarctica, to 19 deg C. I had to go and buy some warm clothes!

Little did I know then that Adelaide would become a regularly visited location. As at the beginning 2001 my eldest daughter moved to Adelaide and has lived there since. Over the past 20 years I have traveled there once a year, if lucky twice, to be a part of the many celebrations of life. So many wonderful memories!

Adelaide is a beautiful city. It is nicknamed The City of Churches due to the many beautifully structured church buildings, sadly many of them now repurposed as night clubs and restaurants. It is our fifth largest Australian capital city. The state of South Australia has population of over 1.7 million and over 75%, about 1.3 million, live within metropolitan Adelaide.Adelaide Population 2021.net.au The city is surrounded by over 760 hectares of beautiful park lands which create a green ring around the city.

There is over 70 kilometers of coastline and some lovely beaches close to Adelaide city. A tram ride from the city to Glenelg is a must! Other attractions close to the city are the beautiful Adelaide Hills; the lovely little German village of Hahndorf, and the many wine regions which surround Adelaide, particularly the Barossa Valley.

Adelaide and surrounds - South Australia - Tourism Australia
The Glenelg Tram: Tourism Australia.

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, Adelaide has loads of sunshine during the long hot summers and cool to cold winters; but it does not snow. The climate has little to no humidity but boy, it can get hot! But usually not for too long before a cool Southerly change comes through. My daughter says there is nothing nicer than a clear, blue sky, 20 deg C Adelaide day; and she is quite correct!

Fun Things To Do In Adelaide | RedBalloon
Adelaide Oval: Image Red Balloon. Below: The Sir Donald Bradman statue with one of those churches in the background.Sir Donald Bradman becoming a key part of Adelaide Oval's defence - ABC News

In the last 20 years of visiting Adelaide I have driven there from Queensland again only once, it is a long road trip and one travels across the guts of Australia, but flown countless times. In 2014 Lonely Planet listed Adelaide as one of its 10 top cities to visit.I think that is a good enough recommendation for anyone to take an Adelaide trip!

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  1. Estelle, we have only visited Adelaide once, in 1993. We were visiting my sister, Kim who lives at Port Wakefield, 100klms north of Adelaide. I think it is high time we traveled that way again.


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