I Love a Sunburnt Country.

B is for Brisbane.

I enjoy watching Harrow on the ABC. Harrow, played by Ioan Gruffudd, is a forensic medical examiner at the QIFM the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine. Harrow is cool, incredibly smart, he flies close to the edge, has enormous empathy for his dead clients and their living relatives and is always in some sort of personal crisis.

But the thing I love about Harrow most is that it is shot in the beautiful river city of Brisbane. Harrow lives on a boat on the Brisbane River, moored just below the city Botanic Gardens. The episodes always include stunning day and night time shots of the cityscape, the wonderful Story Bridge, stately Queenslanders, parks, familiar buildings; to put it simply, beautiful Brisbane!

Story Bridge
Image: Brisbane’s Story Bridge: visitbrisbane.com.au

Brisbane is a city with a population of about 2.5 million. It enjoys a sub tropical climate and manages about 280 sunny days each year. It is the third largest city in Australia by population and geographically the largest of any Australian capital city. By area Brisbane is the third largest in the world and is known for its living space. The area of Brisbane is a legacy from the old days when house blocks were quarter acre and large back yards were the accepted normal. This is changing as more people find out just how glorious Brisbane is and high density urban development is increasing.

While none of us live in Brisbane now, my adult children would consider Brisbane their childhood home. One of my very dear Brisbane memories is the weekend my youngest daughter and I spent being tourists in Brissie just before she flew out to live overseas. Brisbane has come of age and is a world class city. As cities go it has a laid back vibe, a reputation of being relatively safe and a great mix of that quintessential Queensland spirit.

Real Estate investment in Australia: Brisbane and Gold Coast property  markets expand residential and commercial properties
Image: LUXUO: Brisbane River, Cityscape, City Cats, boats moored off the Botanical Gardens.

Thank you to the producers of Harrow for showcasing our Beautiful Brisbane while telling a great story.

♫ Johnny Chester ♥ Glory, Glory ♫ – YouTube To Conclude, here is the link to Johnny Chester’s 1971 hit. Glory, Glory, I’ll be back to see the Story Bridge. And to my beautiful scattered family, I surely do hope that we will all get back to see the Story Bridge.


4 replies to “I Love a Sunburnt Country.

    1. Hi Rick. Yes it is a good show.
      I think you would enjoy it. But it really is lovely to see how well Brissie scrubs up on the screen.
      One episode was shot at the little township of Allora half way between here and Warwick. Love you very much and it was great to chat yesterday. Prayer for you and Aya and children for the planned adventure to Japan.😘😘😘😘


  1. I love Harrow too – Majella can always identify places before I do – a great change from seeing cities in US.


    1. Absolutely. A good story and showcases Brissie as the beautiful city it is. One episode was shot in the main street of Allora. You can google it. A couple of series ago. 2019 before Vivid.🤗🤗😘😘


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