I Love a Sunburnt Country.

# X is for Extinction.

There are a few places in Australia beginning with X but to be truthful I cannot write from experience of Xantippe in WA, Mt Xeromero in Qld, Xavier Reserve in SA, Xmas Well in WA, XXXX Bore in NT or Xanthorrhoea Sanctuary in SA. So for X I am going to write about something closer to my heart; the problem of extinction.

Australia is an island continent, the land bridge which connected us to New Guinea and lands further to the north disappeared long ago. We have been sitting down here percolating away with our own unique brand of fauna and we have some truly fascinating creatures; over 80% of Aussie mammals and reptiles are found nowhere else on Earth.

But now we come to the sad part, according to Nature Conservancy of Australia  more mammal species have become extinct in Australia than any other country and the number continues to grow.

Australia’s Endangered Animals (natureaustralia.org.au) The article attached to this link says it all much better than I could and I hope you will read it.

Please see the link above for this article.

There is no doubt that humans are the most destructive and dangerous species on the planet; no other species exploits as humans do. Driven by ego, at best we are plagued with self entitled selfishness and at worst driven by pure greed which holds our beautiful natural world, its resources and the vast majority of our people in contempt. There is no doubt that our planet is in crisis. So what do we do?

Well the world will not be fixed by important people with their entourage of staff and security flying all over the globe to attend important meetings. It will not be fixed by such people in their smart designer clothes standing around chatting and eating the most expensive and delicious of foods. It will not be fixed by summits, mandates, projections or signing up to treaties. It will not be fixed by little Miss Greta Thunberg, the self proclaimed prophet of doom, inciting young people to fear and hopelessness about a future. Nor will it be fixed by Extinction Rebellion protestors making a nuisance of themselves and disrupting the lives of honest, law abiding, hard working citizens.

What will make a difference is when we choose to make a difference. When we choose to take less and give more. When we choose to spend our $s with an eye on the future of our world, the people, the fauna, the flora and the resources.

Now this is where the rubber hits the road. You might have to choose to do somethings differently. Christmas is coming; so before you go shopping consider; how much fossil fuel has been used to bring this article to you, how much water has been wasted in production, how many forests felled, how many factory workers exploited ????? Whose greed are you supporting?

When I have completed the Y and Z of this series, I plan a short series on how to celebrate a Christmas that might bless the planet. It might mean that you take less and give more this Christmas but remember less is more.

I would really love to hear how you make a difference because this is what is needed; people everywhere making consistent, small but meaningful choices which support and bless rather than rape and destroy our planet.

Filling up: The NSW government is banking on a big increase in waste management levies.
Image:www.smh.com.au This Christmas; can you help to reduce waste?

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