Blessing People and Planet.

An excellent read; one of my Christmas presents; Thank you!

Well, Santa has come and gone; the presents have been given, the food has been eaten, the decorations are packed away, it is all over for another year and life goes on. How did you go with reducing the waste, taking less of everything and giving back more? I do hope there were successes in these areas and I hope you realised that they are actually not difficult to do and that these three principles can be adopted and implemented at every and any time of the year.

One of my gifts was the book pictured above. Future-Steading by Jade Miles. It is a book for anyone and everyone who has a desire to invest in the future of our planet and who understands they have a responsibility to leave a legacy for future generations. And the simple fact is that we can all do something. The post war era of raping, taking, wasting and the idea that we can continue to go bigger and bigger is simply not sustainable. I applaud anyone who is making intentional, consistent and purposeful changes in their lives that bless both people and planet; people who live like tomorrow matters! I hope that is you!

This is my last blog for 2021. It is almost time to welcome in 2022. In the New Year I will begin another series of blogs; rattling on again about things that are close to my heart.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and many blessing to you and your precious ones as God continues to bless us with the opportunities and challenges of each new day.

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