The Songs We Will Sing.

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I have been writing my blog; for a few years now. We have covered a number of different topics. By now you probably know that I love God, I love my hubby, my adult offspring, their chosen life partners and our grandies; I love Family. I love travelling, I love being grounded and working in the earth, I love good literature and poetry, I love my hands for their ability to make, create and show love and my legs for their ability to carry me through each day. I believe in Faith, Love and Hope, I believe in walking lightly on the Earth, I believe in being kind and listening. I believe in life long learning.

To accommodate these interests most of my blogs have been written with a theme in mind. We have discussed Lessons for Living; Oh, The People You Will Meet; The Books you will Read; The Places You Will Go; The Twelve Gifts of Christmas; Pearls of Wisdom; The Shift to Thrift; Poetry, Prose and Parable; I Love a Sunburnt Country; Blessing People and Planet and interspersed throughout all of this some random topical writings on just about anything that is happening at the time and aligns with my loves and makes for purposeful living. You can find all of these on my WordPress blog site@ or the webpage.

So here we are in 2022. And we are going to begin a new series of blogs titled The Songs You Will Sing because music and song is another of my loves. Hubby and I met well and truly after the flush of youth had passed; we are extremely different because we have had different life experiences and we hold differing points of view on almost everything! But it works; we have a very loving and highly respectful relationship. Additional to the embrace of love which includes all our family, we share two loves which anchor and bind us; they are our common Faith in a risen Christ and our love for the songs and music which both take us back to our common youth and are a part of our present shared life.

Lots more to talk about; I hope you will join me in The Songs we will Sing and along the way find your own song.

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