The Songs We Will Sing.

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#4 Baker Street- Gerry Rafferty 1978

The magical thing about music is that it literally has the power to turn back time and transport one to a different time and place, complete with the memories and emotions of that time. Not only does music heal the soul, it is a reminder that the soul transcends space and time and that it is indeed forever young. And believe me, this is a wonderful thing, as the decades keep adding up and the physical body ages, to be taken back to a time of youth, vitality and even innocence is not something to be mocked.

And this is exactly what Baker Street does for me. I simply have to hear those opening bars of clarion saxophone and I am sashaying down the corridor of the dental clinic where I worked, a carefree and young twenty something year old. At this stage of life I had survived my first major heart break, grieved the passing of my mother and collected a few other bumps and bruises along the way; but was truly in one of the happiest times of my life.

I have been gainfully employed in a number of different roles in my just short of 50years in the workforce but of the two roles that stand out as being particularly wonderful; my time at the dental clinic was the first. This was a job I practically fell into; I am still not quite sure how everything aligned but just before Christmas, there was a phone call saying, come in, collect your uniforms, you start on January 6th.

The boss was fantastic, the work environment enjoyable, the scope of work broad and interesting and lifelong friendships were forged. It is true to say that those years were pivotal and literally changed the trajectory of my life but that’s a story for another day.

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (Official Video) – YouTube

I hope you enjoy Baker Street; it’s a song about a yearning for a better, happier more settled life where one can forget about everything. It’s a combination of meaningful lyrics, skillful musicians and outstanding sax and guitar sections.

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