The Songs We Will Sing.

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#5 When Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through – Meat Loaf -2010

It was the first thing I saw on social media on Saturday morning. On collecting the paper from the front garden, there it was on the front page. Meat Loaf had passed.

When I decided that for 2022 I would write about the songs and music that has resonated with me, I began by scribbling in a little notebook the songs I wanted to write about. I am no expert on music, I am a pretty woeful singer, I don’t play an instrument, I can’t read music, but boy, do I love a good song. I appreciate music, good lyrics and the talent that brings these together.

As a secondary teacher I used music and lyrics in my teaching anywhere I could find a place to fit it in. I often thought there should be a class simply for Music Appreciation. No instruments to play, no theory to learn, no tests or exams; just listen, discuss, appreciate, a reaching out to grasp how profound, how fundamental, foundational and enduring to humanity’s entire existence is music.

And so we come to Meat Loaf, that larger than life, big- hearted, balladeer. When I went through my scribbled notebook, I found the Meat Loaf song I wanted to write about and thought there is no better time than now.

So here it is: Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through. Below are some of the lyrics; it is a nod to the idea the music can transcend much of our pain and heartache and that music is simply a gift from God. This is a song which speaks to hubby and I deeply; so much so that he has it chosen as one of the songs he wants played at his passing. I hope you will view the youtube link and I hope you are able to grasp the deep spiritual connections. RIP Meat Loaf.

We’d be listening to the radio so loud and so strong
Every golden nugget coming like a gift of the gods
Someone must have blessed us when he gave us those songs

There’s always something magic
There’s always something new
And when you really really need it the most
That’s when rock and roll dreams come true

The beat is yours forever, the beat is always true
And when you really really need it the most
That’s when rock and roll dreams come true for you

Once upon a time was a backbeat
Once upon a time all the chords came to Life
And the angels had guitars even before they had wings
If you hold onto a chorus you can get through the night

Meat Loaf – Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through – YouTube

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