The Songs We Will Sing.

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#8 The Bee Gees: Words

Life is given meaning by the habits, rituals and celebrations we intersperse between the ordinary, hard slog and sometimes even monotonous days of everyday life. One of our rituals is the Big Quiz in the Sunday paper. For many years now we have taken turns in asking the Quiz. One week I ask hubby the questions and the next week he asks me. There are 40 questions, we can have 2 chances at answering correctly and if needed can ask for a hint to help. Sometimes the questions are fairly easy and sometimes we wonder what the person who put the quiz together was on! Anything over 30 is quite good, anything under 20 is woeful and above 35 is excellent. Neither of us have ever achieved 40 and we often joke that “we get by with a little help from our friends”. It’s good fun, we both have our areas of strength in knowledge and it is a good reminder that if you know something you know it and if you don’t it really doesn’t matter about the chances and hints; the answer is just not there in the brain, at least not at that time.

Bee Gees Way, Redcliffe
Bee Gees Way Redcliffe Qld Australia | Must Do Brisbane

Last weekend Question 13 was Name the last surviving member of the Bee Gees.Quick as a flash I answered; Oh, that’s the one who is still alive but then I said Barry, Barry Gibb, which was the correct answer; no hints, no second chance. So I figured it must be time to write about my Bee Gees 1968 song, It’s only Words.

Bee Gees Way, Redcliffe
Bee Gees Way Redcliffe Qld Australia | Must Do Brisbane

We actually claim the Bee Gees as our own -although they were born on the Isle of Man and migrated to Australia in the late 1950s to settle in our now defunct suburb of Cribb Island. In the Brisbane beach side suburb of Redcliffe there is a 70m outdoor museum which tells their story, complete with life sized statues, images and a light show, called Bee Gees Way.

Bee Gees – Words LIVE @ Melbourne 1974 13/16 – YouTube

But back to Words! Words are so incredibly powerful, they build up or tear down but they can also be so incredibly hollow if indeed words are all one has. Words must be supported, upheld, made real by the actions and attitudes which accompany them. My advice; listen to the actions and the body language every time, ’cause if it’s only words they can be deceiving.

The Bee Gees wrote and sang for over 40 years; their own songs have been performed over and over again by other artists There are many more, but here you have 1,397artists who have performed songs written by the Gibb brothers. Notably, Elvis did a cover of Words in 1970 and Boyzone’s 1996 cover was regarded by Barry Gibb as the best ever cover version of a Bee Gees Song.Words by Bee Gees – Songfacts

I hope you enjoy the read; It’s only words but words are all I have!

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