The Songs We Will Sing.

#17 Robbie Williams: Feel : Dec 2002.

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This week Robbie Williams has been in the news and has been on television in interviews discussing his planned trip to Australia and a concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on Saturday 30 April 2022. Apparently this will be his only performance here as the real reason he is coming to Aus is to work on filming his biopic titled Better Man.

Robbie Williams: Spotify

William’s song Better Man has terrific lyrics and I am sure that the desire of anyone to be a better man, or woman, is absolutely worthwhile and so this bio pic could be quite a good story. I look forward to viewing it. Below are some lyrics from Better Man and you can do a You Tube search to see Robbie performing this song with his Dad. It is good stuff.

As my soul heals the shame
I will grow through this pain
Lord, I’m doing all I can
To be a better man

The song I really want to talk about is Feel released in Dec 2002. One thing I am always amazed about is the depth of spiritual desire and a search for real God given meaning in life that keeps on popping up in many of the songs which speak to me and often I find it in the most unlikely places. Maybe it’s just me and what I am drawn to however, I am always pleased to see people searching for something bigger than themselves.

Apparently William’s wrote this song after he became drug and alcohol free and he could actually start to really feel again.

I just wanna feel Real love feel the home that I live in In these lyrics the home could refer to living with himself in the deepest parts of his soul and psyche. But it is also a search for God for a healing of the soul , to be lost in the love ever after.

I just wanna feel
Real love and the love ever after
There’s a hole in my soul
You can see it in my face
It’s a real big place

But for me these lyrics always translate also to the temporal and physical home which so many people live in where there is no love to be felt and they exist under a constant threat of violence and abuse. Unfortunately, every week it seems our papers carry the stories of the tragic results of the lack of love in our homes.

I must confess when I first heard this song I had been flying solo for many years and I had just met MDH and I was contemplating the idea of a new relationship. I too felt that I got too much life running through my veins to go to waste but we had both been through the wringer and we both knew that if we were to go forward with this relationship it was very important that we could feel real love feel the home that I [we] live in.

I am ever and each day thankful for the love that I feel in the home that I live in. I hope you enjoy the youtube clip; it is full of feeling and emotion.

Robbie Williams – Feel ( Live at Knebworth ) – YouTube

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