The Songs We Will Sing.

#27 In Christ Alone. 2001. Music: Keith Getty: Words: Stuart Townend

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Easter Sunday is the cornerstone of Christian Faith. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, his defeat over Satan and death and the eternal hope this imputes to those who accept Christ as their Saviour. This fact that Jesus rose is what sets Christianity apart from contesting ideologies and faiths.

This morning, in our regular Sunday service, we sang some super songs which reminded us of and celebrated this truth and I have to say our acapella singing was really good. For this Easter Sunday song I want to go to a relatively new Christian hymn written in 2001 by Northern Ireland modern hymn-writers Keith & Kristyn Getty who wrote the music and the Englishman, Stuart Townend, a contemporary Christian worship music leader, who wrote the words. This is not unusual, most hymns have someone who writes the words and someone who sets them to the music and tune. I understand in this case the music was written and brought to Townend who then wrote the words. If you do a Google search there is quite a lot of information and a lovely interview with Townend who explains the lyrics. The music of In Christ Alone has a strong Celtic melody; it is lilting, haunting and beautiful all at the same time, while the words tell that magnificent story; The Good News.

I have chosen this particular video clip because of the visuals In Christ Alone my hope is found song Lyrics – YouTube

If only one person who sees this blog is encouraged to learn more about The Christ and seek out the Good News He brought to the earth that is a blessing. Over the Easter break I have read quite a few articles on FaceBook and social media about Easter and its meaning and significance. I want to share this one from Saturday’s Courier Mail written by Phil, who is responding to the question Is the religious part of Easter now irrelevant…? He says:

Not at all. Easter is the most important Christian festival and it has so much to teach us. It’s all about mystery and renewal and redemption and the story of the passion of Christ is as compelling today as it has always been. And of-course, it’s more than just a story. We have eyewitness accounts of what happened. I know there are some loonies out there who doubt that Jesus even existed but there’s solid historical evidence that He did and that something amazing happened. And at Easter it happens again. Sourced from The Courier Mail. 16/4/2022. The Verdict p 47.

Thank -you, Phil. My only comment is to say that we don’t have to wait for Easter. The Risen Christ is alive and available to all of us each and every day.

In Christ Alone (Virtual Choir #3 / A Cappella) – YouTube

And finally an acappella virtual choir. I just love this. The faces, the voices, the unity. Don’t let anyone tell you Christianity is dead. It is as alive as ever and never more needed in our fragile and uncertain world.


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