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#39: Friday on my Mind: The Easybeats: 1966

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Recently I took a trip to the Big Smoke. It is a two and a bit hour drive through very beautiful countryside, which at the present, thanks to all our recent rains, is verdantly lush. Driving and listening to quite loud music is one of my great loves and it makes the trip go quickly, until the outskirts of the city when the traffic demands that I give it my full attention. One of the songs on my music file that day was Friday on my Mind by The Easybeats. It was always in my little purple book to write about this song, so now is the time.

The Australian music scene owes quite a bit to The Easybeats who formed in Sydney in late 1964. Although we claim them as Aussies, the band members were fairly new arrivals down under, having immigrated from England, Scotland and the Netherlands. The drummer, Gordon Fleet had been born and raised in Liverpool and had been a part of the music scene there. I am sure you know what other band came out of Liverpool! Any way, the result was an Aussie Rock band with a sound to rival British Rock and that very famous band of the time, The Beatles.

The Easybeats‘ 1966 hit Friday on my Mind was the first song from an Aussie band to showcase original Australian music talent which went on to become an international hit. “Friday on My Mind was released in Australia on 17 November 1966. It debuted on the national pop charts the following week and spent six weeks at number one over the summer of 1966–67. The record reached number six on the UK charts in October 1966″

Curator’s notes Friday on My Mind (1966) on ASO – Australia’s audio and visual heritage online.

Friday On My Mind review: Easybeats biopic plays like a concert you don’t want to end | Music | The Guardian

The band left Australia in July of 1966 to make it big in the UK. Unfortunately a string of complications, and just not being prepared for how difficult it would be to break into the British scene, led to them being unable to grasp success in the UK and in 1969 the group broke up. However during their six years together they had 15 top 40 hits in Australia and the international No.1 Friday on my Mind.

It is what happened after The Easybeats‘ break up that also has a significant part to play in Australian popular culture. Harry Vanda and George Young from The Easybeats became the driving force behind the Australian rock band AC/DC which formed in Sydney in 1973. George Young was the older brother of Malcolm and Angus Young. However, I will keep that story for another day!

In 2001 at the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Australasian Performing Right Association, (APRA) Friday on my Mind was voted “the best Australian song ever.” Just another example of the significance of the contribution of The Easybeats to Australian music.
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Well, it’s Monday and I’ve got Friday on my mind. Wishing you all a great week ahead and an even better week end. I hope you will enjoy this clip of The Easybeats. It is another reminder that good music never has a use by date on it.

Lost footage of the Easybeats performing Friday on My Mind discovered after 55 years – YouTube

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