The Songs We Will Sing.

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Just for this blog I am going to take a little departure from The Songs We Will Sing; if there was to be a song that went with this blog it would be perhaps “Happy Birthday” or Cliff Richard’s “Congratulations and Jubilations” or at least that is what said this week when they sent me a message to remind me that I had now been writing this blog for 3 years and I am entering the 4th year.

In that time 262 posts have been written, which is approximately 1 every 4 days, there have been 5,699 viewers of posts, 2,948 folks have visited my site and the number of followers continues to climb steadily. I am thankful to the folk who read the posts, the folk who comment, the folk who visit and the folk who follow. Hopefully somewhere along the way there have been some words which have resonated with you.

When I retired just on 3 years ago, my son suggested I start to write a blog. All my adult offspring are full of good ideas for their mum! But this one seemed to be quite a good idea. I have always loved words and dabbled with writing and speaking. So when there came a time when I had some space in my life to develop this further it was a natural progression. Like a lot of folks who enjoy writing, I write because it is just there in my head; it is also a self discipline and it is a bit of casting your bread upon the waters. Once the words are out there one really has no control of to where they travel, of who they connect with and what chain of thought they might start in another person.

In addition to the blog, this year I have published my first book, a collection of poetry, titled Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse by Estelle M Deshon.

The book comes in a hard and a soft cover formant. The ISBN for the hard cover is  ISBN 976-1-6698-8750-8

The ISBN for the soft cover is   ISBN 978-1-6698-8749-2

It is available through various outlets as a quick google search of my name, Estelle M Deshon, will confirm.

The back blurb.

This blurb basically says it all, particularly about a heart and soul which seeks expression. It is the only way I can write. The feedback from readers has been encouraging and because the poems are about life lived, there really is at least one poem in there where folks can say, Yes, I get it! It just puts my feelings, my experience, my way leads onto way life into words!


If God continues to grant me good health and strength, I plan to continue to write my blog and write poetry and garden and sing and dance and love and live because we are only dancing on this earth for a short while.

Next blog I will pick up The Songs We Will Sing again with a couple of Cat Stevens/ Yusuf Islam songs.

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    1. My goodness. Thank you so much 🥰 That is a lovely compliment coming from another who is also a blessing and inspiration right back to me. May God continue to bless you and all your precious family, dear Leesa.🤗😘❤️🙏🥰


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