The Songs We Will Sing.

#50. The First Cut is the Deepest: Cat Stevens: 1967

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This will be my final blog on Cat Stevens’ songs; at #50 I am half way through The Songs We Will Sing and there is lots more singing to do. I have chosen this song because perhaps a lot of people do not realise it is a Cat Stevens’ song. Many folks will attribute it to Rod Stewart or Cheryl Crow; in fact this song has been covered 37 times according to and I am sure you will be familiar with the lyrics. It is a pretty good song and the lyrics are quite truthful. Often first loves, and first break ups, cut the deepest; one loves with all the passion and abandonment of love without being aware that this love can bite. But it is a wonderful thing that the heart repairs and one can love again, most often more deeply and profoundly than before, if the risk to love again is taken.

Another song which many might not recognise as a Cat Stevens’ song , and this one came as a surprise to me, is “Here Comes My Baby” which was wtitten by Cat Stevens when he was 17 years of age. It was first made popular by The Tremeloes in January 1967 and is included in Stevens’ Matthew and Son album released in March of the same year. I really like Stevens’ version and I will include it here.

Cat Stevens / Yusuf Isalm is an interesting man and one worthy of a little personal investigation. He first appeared on the music scene in 1964 when he was 16 years of age. By the time he was 18 he was making albums and through the late 60s and early 70s his music was prolific and popular. In 1977 he converted to Islam and in 1978 left the music industry behind to devote himself to humanitarian projects. Since about 2016 he has been back doing some live concerts and loving it. Please check him out in the links below and spend some time with his music, particularly his early songs.

In Faith, I am a Christian; I am not ashamed of this nor do I feel it needs any apology, however I do recognize good humanity and commitment to a belief when I see it and I believe I see it in Cat Stevens, along with some great talent.

2 replies to “The Songs We Will Sing.

  1. Wow. I did not realize Cat Stevens wrote that song. I’ve heard a few other versions, mainly Linda Ronstadt. I remember quite clearly watching Cat Stevens play a concert on the television in about 73 or four with a number of people that I worked with. He certainly has a lot of talent.


    1. Hi David. I have so enjoyed looking into Cat Stevens, the man and his music. He really was gifted. It is also good to look at him today, he has aged well. Trust you are keeping well.


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