The Songs We Will Sing.

#59: Storms in Africa: Enya from the Watermark Album: 1988

Free Image: Pexels

To finish my African trilogy I want to include Storms in Africa by Enya. Enya is an Irish singer who along with Nick Ryan (producer) and his wife Roma, a poet and lyric writer, are responsible for the Celtic style music of Enya. The sound of Enya is hauntingly beautiful, soulful, ethereal, balm for the soul. She is the top selling solo artist in Ireland and second only to the band U2 overall.

Enya is a very private person who is highly successful without jumping on the promotional bandwagon. As of April 2022 Enya has sold around 85 million records comprising of 9 albums and 21 singles over a period of 3 decades. Her music is the anti thesis of heavy metal or hard rock. If you are not familiar with the music of Enya, there is only one thing for it; just find some quiet place to sit and listen. I assure you, you will rise a different person; lifted, clamer, filled, seeing more beauty in the world and that cannot be a bad thing! The link to the article below written by Alan York in December 2021 will cast some light on the singer’s life and accomplisments

Many of Enya’s songs have a connection with nature and Storms in Africa is no exception but here the energy of the song is not so much calming as it is arousing and energising which sits beautifully with this majestic continent and its connections with the cradle of humanity.

The clip below is the one to watch. Enjoy.

And here is another. Cheers.

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