The Songs We Will Sing.

#60: Paint the Sky with Stars: Enya:1997.

Just one more Enya before we move on and this has to be my favourite Enya song, it is Paint the Sky with Stars on the CD of the same name.

Most people have a fascination with the night sky; it has such wide expanse, such depth, such quality of mystery and sheer magestical beauty; it speaks of realms far beyond that which we can know and holds all its mysterious secrets cloaked in those hues of indigo.

Loads of songs have some connection to the stars from Lee Marvin’s, I was born under a wandering star to Perry Como’s, Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket to some of the most recent songs released for example, Kid Cudi’s 2022, Stars in the Sky. A quick Goole search will reveal over 100 songs with star/s in their title.

Stars are always shining regardless of whether we can see them or not; they shine during the day, they shine under cloud or smog, they shine during the storms and they shine in the dark; in fact that is the only time we can see them shining. And there is such a wonderful message in this natural fact, the point is just keep shining, your shining may often times not even be noticed but regardless of the circumstances just keep shining. It is in the times that are darkest that stars shine the brightest. Enya extends this idea of shining to painting the sky with stars, adding more and more stars, more and more light; we all need a paint brush!

I would like this to be one of my funeral songs because it is a very fitting end of this life tribute. Enya’s voice already has an out of this world dimension and the lyrics of this song extend the idea of travelling through time and space into an eternity that knows so much of our sighs and dreams yet holds them secret in the midnight sky. The song ends on a note of hope that we might make the darkness bright and I would hope and pray that when the end of my life does come that my farewell is one of light, that I have lived in light and shared light and helped some to seek light out of darkness. In addition, I am ever thankful for the dear folk who have many times painted my sky with stars and shared with me their light, hope and love.

Please enjoy Enya’s beautiful voice.

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