The Songs We Will Sing.

#79: “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas”: Meredith Willson: 1951

#80 “Christmas Dreams”: Perry Como from the film The Odessa File, 1974

Down here in Aus it is the first day of Summer, the Jacarandas in the back yard are in bloom and those summer smells of storms and rain and summer humidity are in the air. Of course North of the Equator it is the first day of Winter and I understand it is a Winter many folks are not looking forward to. All over the world lots of folks are doing it tough but then again all over the world the ‘machine’ that is Christmas has begun! Last year around this time I wrote a series of blogs on Celebrating a Christmas the blesses both People and Planet. It is able to be accessed on this blog site; it is pretty much some common sense ideas for the season but it seems it is a season when many people forget common sense. During this last month of the year billions of $ world wide will be spent, truckloads of food will be wasted, millions of useless and unneeded gifts will be exchanged and all types of excess will be celebrated; things which have no lasting value at all.

Don’t think I am a Christmas scrooge; I am not! But it is only very recently that I have realised my efforts to make Christmas a memorable time for my children has really stuck with them. My son returned from London with a gift of an Advent Calendar from Harrods. His comment, When I saw this, all red and gold and I know how much you love Christmas, I had to get it for you. It will be opened today.

In another recent conversation my youngest daughter was telling me about the Christmas lights they have put up on their balcony and in the process of conversation she mentioned that her hubby was not really too Christmassy but her next comment that is was, “his only fault”! I thought that was a pretty good wrap for anyone!

For this month of December we will look at some Christmas Songs, Carols and Hymns; songs that sing love, joy, peace and hope into our lives and hearts. And I also want to point out that these very same gifts that the Christ child brings, reconciliation with God the Father of Heaven and Earth, are available to everyone at every time of the year. We do not need to wait until December for the gifts of heaven which are intangible, priceless and eternal to be recognized.

It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas was written in 1951 by Meredith Willson. It was used in his Broadway musical, Here’s Love in 1963. One of the most popular versions of the song was recorded by Perry Como in 1951. The second clip is Perry Como’s Christmas Dream from the movie The Odessa File of 1974. Its message is pretty much the one I want to leave with you; the world needs love, joy, peace, hope and the good will of Christmas all year long.


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