My Heart on Paper.

With the turning of the calendar and the beginning of another year so will the content of this blog turn and we will look at life from a slightly different direction. Last year, in The Songs We Will Sing, we looked at lots of different songs, their lyrics and the stories behind those songs and the persons who wrote them. Throughout 2023 I plan to post a series of my own poetry accompanied by a little blurb about the inspiration behind that particular piece of writing. Everything in life, whether it be good or not, begins with a thought process. We all have our thought processes and what we do with those thoughts shape the direction of our lives.

I have titled this series of blogs My Heart on Paper, even though the words will be transmitted through cyberspace and read on screens, my original thoughts are scribbled writings on paper which come from the heart because I know of only one way to live and one way to write and that is from my heart. All writing, but I think poetry in particular, exposes the heart of the writer and it takes courage to put one’s heart out there for scrutiny.

Last year I was able to publish and make available on the international market a collection of my poetry, titled Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse. ISBN 978-1-6698-8749-2 (soft cover) and ISBN 978-1-6698-8750-8 (hard cover). Some of the poetry in this blog will be published in that book, some will be, as yet, unpublished, some will be decades old and some quite possibly written 5 minutes before it is posted. I will endeavour to group poems around themes. As always my Christian faith will be evident in my writing as well my keen observations on life. I hope you will join me as we wander through 2023 with some thoughts and inspirations. Just maybe there will be some musings in which we connect heart to heart.

Way Leads Onto Way: Life in Verse. Published through Xlibris.

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