My Heart on Paper.

My heart on Paper.

The inspiration for this poem was my Facebook feed which one day popped up a square full of capital letters with a caption that said something like “the first 3 words you see are your words of inspiration.” My words were ALIGNED, BALANCED and GRATITUDE. This struck a chord with me because these 3 words express my understanding of life. To be aligned with God, attuned with nature, balanced in mind and attitude and to be filled with gratitude are principles I try to live my life by. The poem concludes with Filled with gratitude which is the most important of attitudes. It is only through being able to see our blessings, in all circumstances and responding with gratitude, that God is able to trust our good stewardship and pour more blessings into our lives. It is a fact, the more we develop gratitude, the more we see for which to be grateful.

The theme being explored is creation and nature; aligning ourselves in peace, harmony and balance with God the Creator and His creation.


Reaching deeply 
Into centre earth.

To the light
Bringing down 
From above.

T’wixt heaven and earth

Walking with God given purpose.
Filled with gratitude.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon. ©

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